Selena Gomez reveals opinion on Ariana Grande’s music

Selena Gomez reveals opinion on Ariana Grande’s music

Selena Gomez made the remarks after Ariana Grande released her new song ‘Yes, And?’

Selena Gomez recently took a moment to fangirl over Ariana Grande. 

On Wednesday, the 31 year-old singer gushed about the Dangerous Woman hitmaker and revealed that she has a catalog of her songs that always puts her in a great mood.

While making a guest DJ appearance on SiriusXM Hits 1, Selena played Ariana’s 2019 single and remarked: “Here’s another song I love, Ariana Grande. I cannot do anything fun without listening to Ariana.”

“I feel so empowered, and I think she is incredible, and I just have so much fun,” the Rare Beauty mogul added.

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Selena continued: “I’m the girl that’s playing Ariana all the time, and I think people kind of notice that, but I love it! I think she’s amazing.” 

Her remarks come after the 30 year-old singer released her song Yes, And? from her upcoming album. 

The new solo comes years after Ariana released her sixth studio album Positions in October 2020.

Moreover, her song also appears to clap back at the controversy around her romance with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater as she sings: “Why do you care so much whose **** I ride?”

Reportedly, they started dating amid Ariana’s divorce with Dalton Gomez, which was finalized on October 6, 2023.

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